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Personalization / Engraving Options

In order to simplify this process,  we've already combined the preferred marking method with each product.  In some cases, you may switch to another marking method where applicable. Here are the marking methods we use.

Diamond Drag Laser Sublimation

Diamond Drag Engraving: (cost $0.15 per letter, logo prices vary) This is the traditional method of engraving a product.  A diamond tipped stylus makes contact with the engraving surface and drags or scratches in the letters.  This method can be used for both text and logos, however, complex logo art may require more set-up and engraving time.  This additional time will result in higher charges.

Laser Engraving: (cost $0.15 per letter, $3.00 per logo) This method uses an invisible beam of light to vaporize material on the surface of the product.  It is a versatile process that allows us to engrave complicated artwork with ease. Virtually any black and white line art you can create, can be laser engraved.  It is, however, limited to certain materials.  We can laser engrave on most enamel coated metal plates, wood boards, acrylic products, glass awards, and some plastics.  We cannot engrave on uncoated brass or aluminum. 

Sublimation: (cost calculated by square inch / varies with quantity) This method uses heat to transfer a printed image to the surface of specially coated materials.  Metal plates, special plaque boards, special plastics and special fabrics are among the items that can accept this process.  The process can be done in one color or in multiple colors.  This process is often used as an alternative to screen printing.  In one color, virtually any black and white line art can be duplicated.  In full color, most high quality digital art can be reproduced with astonishing results.  Note: This process may be a less expensive alternative to engraving when doing larger quantities with repetitive art.

Screen Printing: (cost varies) This method uses inks squeezed through a screen to create an image.  First screens must be created by "burning" in a portion of the image for each color being printed (except process printing which requires only four screens).  Then the ink is forced through the screen and dried to create the image.  This method is generally used for clothing and other promotional products.

Embroidery: (cost varies) In this method the logo or text is sewn directly onto most clothing or  canvas bags.  Multiple thread colors can be used, and most line art can be duplicated.  The set-up and embroidery fees for this process increase with the size and complexity of the art.


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